What is a PIE Report?

We are glad you asked this question, this one of the many places that 304iT.COM shines bright. P.I.E stands for Problems, Issues, & Expectations, and we use it to get to know your business’s technology and the unique needs for using technology. The money you invest with a PIE Report will come back to your business quickly as we will identify and then make a plan for you to start addressing the Problems, Issues, and Expectations for your business.


First, we start with Problems, as these are the things that are stopping your business or employees from working. Does your internet go down often? Do you not have wifi coverage in places that you need it? Are your customers getting busy signals when they call your business? These are all things that stop your employees from working and cost your business revenue.


Next, we go over Issues, which are things that cause your business or employees to be inefficient. These are problems, but you have workarounds for them. Static on one of your phone lines, so you keep one of your phones off-hook, so calls come in on your other clean line (yes, that one happened)? Don’t have E-document signing, so you mail paper forms and contracts to be signed? Don’t have a central document repository, so you are constantly emailing documents back and forth within your business and outside of your business? Hand keying in timesheets to run your payroll? You have to be at the office to work, as you don’t have a VPN setup to access the files and systems you need? You are continuously printing out documents to fax it somewhere because of restrictions on emailing the information? Constantly running to community copier/printer to pick up a sensitive document that you printed before others have a chance to see it? These are numerous and vast and usually have solutions that you don’t yet know about or haven’t had the time to implement.


Expectations for your technology are what you want that you know to exist or how you would like for things to work, but you aren’t sure if it’s possible. Dream of not being tied to your desk phone by a cord? Wish your or your employees could work from home or any remote location efficiently? Scared about cybersecurity or worried about this thing called crypto, for which you keep hearing? Want to keep your employees from being on non-work-related websites while working for you, but some of your employees need to access some of these sites for their job? These things get uncovered when talking about how things work currently, but you want more.

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